The Book

Simple Strides Towards Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching

2013-12-02 20

Based on Life Coach Susan Korwin’s years of experience helping people change their lives for the better. Her warm, supportive advice helps readers understand that while not always easy- 

Positive change is ALWAYS possible!!!

Susan focuses on five areas she knows make a difference in life coaching: ● Troubleshooting: What’s Getting in Your Way? ● Creating Peace Within ● Conditioning Yourself for Success ● Here’s to Your Health: Exercise and Eating Right ● Beauty and Personal Style for You

The lessons from life coaching in this book are a helping hand for anyone who feels stuck, frustrated, or is just in need of some uplifting words. Simple Strides Toward Positive Change shows readers that bad habits can be broken and negative thoughts can be reversed. Your life can improve—if you desire it to.

Drawn from the pages of Susan’s popular blog-  Simple Strides Toward Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching is an invaluable guide and companion on the path to being a better you.

The  best selling book  Simple Strides Towards Positive Change: Lessons from Life Coaching is available in 3 formats.  To purchase the book in format which best suits you- just click the link below & together- we will take the journey to live, learn, love & WIN! 

Susan Korwin is a Certified Life Coach who was trained through the prestigious Life Coach Institute. She is a contributing writer for various Metro-NYC area publications & has been featured on countless local & national television, radio & print media venues.

Susan was recently named one of the “Top 20 Most Inspiring Individuals In New York City.”