Encouragement and Inspiration is Sometimes Found in the Most Unlikely Places 0

Have you ever experienced unexpected moments when someone or something, without effort or intention,changed your day? Allow me to share with you what I experienced, which defines the word “ironic”. This post may be a little lengthy, but I had to write about this. The other day, I had to go to my friend Elle Madrona’s condo on 58th Street to pick her up along with a few others and drive them to an event. She told me to come upstairs for an hour or so and just tell the doorman that I am her friend so that I can just park in front instead of going into the paid garage next door. I pulled into the circular driveway in front of the building and signaled to the doorman inside to come out. He walked to my window and I told him I was told I could park here for an hour or so. He very kindly said, “you can park, but not here because this will block the driveway.” He then pointed to a van parked along the side and said, “pull in next to that van, but in reverse”. I was stunned! The van took up 3/4 of the already small space between two cement pillars, AND there was a curb and not a ramp to drive up to. I politely told him that there was no way on earth that I am capable of maneuvering that kind of park. I already pictured my car not only bottoming out from going over that curb, but also sideswiping the huge cement pillar! With that, he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I KNOW you can do it! You are more capable than you think you are, and stop having a negative attitude”! I then retorted, “You don’t understand, I CAN’T do it! I am not a parking garage attendant who is used to backing cars into tight spots!”. Again, he said “I have faith in you and you are going to do it!”. Well, this went on for a while. By this time, we already knew each others’s names and I said, “Michael, I am just going to park in the garage. It’s worth the $40.00 not to damage my car!”. Again, he told me that I am not giving myself enough credit, and I started to drive toward the garage. As I passed that spot, something propelled me to take the chance. I figured if I go very slow, even if I can’t do it, there wouldn’t be too much damage. I put the car in reverse, Michael stood behind guiding me, and lo and behold…..I did it! I pulled into a seemingly impossible parking position! We both “high fived”, and it was then that I told him that I was a Life Coach and how ironic that HE motivated ME to step out of my comfort zone! Just as I tell my clients, when we do something that scares us, there is no better feeling. As we walked to the elevator, I thanked this wonderful guy for cheering me on. He again said, “Susan, you have greatness in you. Don’t ever forget it”. Can you believe it? How ironic is this story? So…..where do YOU find encouragement and inspiration…… Books? Websites? Blogs? Colleagues? Friends? A walk in the park? I found it in a kind and inspiring doorman named Michael!10308896_10204045577489795_4903618788753005866_n

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